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About Us

KSA Sports – For Sports Enthusiasts and All Sports related activities.
At KSA Sports we are firm believers of leading an active and healthy lifestyle and being active in sports is an integral part of such lifestyle.
We at KSA Sports, are a team of energetic young individuals who believe that by building a community of likeminded people who have an active interest in sports, we can do our bit towards building a healthy and stress free India.
Our Dream is to make our nation a sporting capital and with KSA Sports we have taken our first step towards achieving this goal. KSA welcomes individuals of all age group where kid, adult or an retired person, be it a man or a woman.


At KSA our vision is to become the first ever neutral platform to promote real talent in the field of sports, adventure sports and art. We consider ourselves lucky to be associated and have come across so many talented players / artists in such short span of time.

Our aim is to push the boundaries of human capacity and let the shining stars take their place in the world of sports and arts. We believe that the real talent is like Sunlight, it can’t be kept in dark for long however we intend to expedite the process by giving the right platform to those individuals. The exemplary quality of human to win every battle is our starting point.

Be a part of this journey to explore yourself and help others likewise.

KSA'S Motto

What we Believe?

KSA majorly works on 4 principles shown below.
We are firm believer of this and ensure all of our members also follow this..



Fitness is our prime Motto among all, as we wish to see everyone living a healthy life.



There is a never ending opportunity with KSA in the field of sports , we are more happy to motivate and support them.



KSA tends to provide the right platform for the one who wishes to fulfil his passion in sports.



The Best part of KSA is that we consider everyone as a part of our family, and make the activity as one of their most memorable moment.

  • Akshay NaikAkshay Naik

    ”It’s a great opportunity to strengthen your faith whilst improving your performance in your sport you enjoy with exciting prices”

  • Sail TemkarSail Temkar

    ”The professional culture which is set up on events allow the athletes to be more equipped in their sports & art’s and also understand how KSA organize”

  • Yogesh AcherekarYogesh Acherekar

    ”I was surprised how much KSA’s presence has impacted me and my friends, we are just reliving our dreams”

  • Amit MayekarAmit Mayekar

    ”Excellent professional organized events combined with learning and competition more about the games and activities”


Latest Events

Our Team has succesfully organized and completed more than 10 events. Some of the highlights of the events are given below.